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About 'Eco Bus America'

Will you help me inspire the world?

Thanks for taking time to read and watch my campaign! I am Jorien Timmers (26) from Holland, graduated psychologist and currently living and traveling around the world. I am excited to tell you something about how this whole project started.

Environmental issues and climate change have always been a worrying factor to me. However, I also felt that the problems seemed so overwhelming big that I thought that I as an individual couldn’t really do anything about it. I think a lot of people feel the same impotence when we talk about environmental issues. We know about the general problem and we rather get upset with big contaminating companies than that we change something to our own daily habits. I have realised that change really does start by ourselves and that’s why I want to inspire as much people around the world as possible and let them feel that change is needed and that it all starts with changing our own habits. I want to do this by crossing Latin America in a sustainable vehicle. I will visit schools along the way to do my project and explain them why this is so important. I already started giving workshops and talks at schools in South America accompanied by movies about environmental subjects and I see the big impact this has on those kids. I think that even though nowadays where we live in a society where obtaining information became very easy for everybody it is still very important or even more important to physically visit people and bring the information to them. I think this way you can have a real impact on them showing what's happening with our planet and teach them the existing alternatives to live a more sustainable life. The sustainable vehicle with all the products and objects I use to be able to live on zero waste, is a great live example and will make it easier to teach them how to apply this on their own lives.

What I need and how I thank you for your support

To make this project successful I will need to make a fully sustainable vehicle. this will cost me around 20.000 euro's. Apart from that I want to show movies with a mobile cinema. Therefore I will need equipment, which will cost me around 2.000 euros. To make the documentary about the whole trip and to keep you all updated with videos and tutorials I will need to buy film equipment like cameras lenses and hard disks this will cost me around 3.000 euro's. In total I will need 25.000 euro’s to be able to start the project.

How will I thank you for your support? First of all I think it is important to say that the main goal of this project is to spread the word about environmental issues with a real life example of the sustainable driving bus (with sustainable working products in it) and the mobile cinema in combination with the workshops and talks. Helping me with this project means that you are helping the world a step forward to make of it a better one! You can donate whatever amount you want and you can choose to get a CD with songs sung by me especially made for this project where you can listen to songs from countries that I will be visiting during my trip. If you sell or produce a product that has to do with sustainable living and you are interested in promotion of it, there is also the possibility to donate a product and I will make promotion for it during my trip by showing it and by sticking the name of the brand on the back of my vehicle.

€​15> Digital Thank You! To show my thanks, I will send you a special thank you note and you get a colouring picture of the project. (download file)

€​30> I will send you a digital song sung by me with ‘Dúo Tódo’

€​50> I sent you my CD with music from countries I will be visiting during the project in Latin-America. sung by me especially made for this project.

€​100> Get free access to watch the documentary that I will make about the whole trip. (available after the whole project is finished)

€​1000> This is such a big help to my project! If time and place coincide I will perform live for you and sing you some songs! We can also have contact to see if there is other ways how I can thank you for such a big help!

When is my donation going to be used?

Before this whole project starts I will be in brasil, Holland and Spain for a while. I start to build the vehicle from September/October 2018 in California and when it’s ready I start driving. The exact date I start driving is difficult to tell because it will depend a lot on how easy it is to convert the vehicle into a totally sustainable one.

What if I don't reach the entire amount of financial support?

If I don’t reach my entire goal with this crowdfunding campaign it doesn’t mean that this project is not going to happen. I will definitely do everything to make this project a success so I will keep searching for funding and apart from that I will work as much as possible to be able to start in September/October 2018.

The impact

Your contribution whether it’s big or small will help me and the planet enormously. In the direct form it will help me to get everything ready to start the project but indirectly your contribution will help even more because it will help the thousands of people I will visit with the project to get inspired to help the planet! This means that YOU can have a tremendous impact on saving this planet just by helping my project with your contribution.

I already started in Argentina with teaching about environmental issues by projecting movies, giving workshops and talks and making music in primary and secondary schools. In one word a big success! I have been invited to talk on several local radio stations to come and talk about the project and several newspapers wrote about the success of my visits.

Risks & Challenges

There are a few things that might be challenging during this whole project. The first thing is that I am running this project alone. Even though that’s my choice I should be aware of the fact that sometimes things can go slower or that I really need help sometimes to get things done. I think this is a challenge but the enormous drive I feel inside about making a success of this project will help me to move on!

To make a vehicle 100% sustainable there is technology needed and people who are willing to help me building it. A risk would be that I don’t find the way to make a 100% sustainable vehicle. I think all the contacts I made the past 2 years will definitely help me with this challenge. In that case I will not be able to make it 100% sustainable I will make the vehicle partial sustainable with the possibility that during the trip the vehicle will become more sustainableevery time.

Other ways you can help me

There are a bunch of other ways to help me and they are as valuable as money! If you sell sustainable products from whatever kind that I can promote during my trip, donating those products would be a great way of helping me. I can promote those products by showing people how I use them and by sticking your name on my vehicle! Or just help me to spread the word and share my story and campaign, talk with people about it and share it on your Facebook, twitter or Instagram with the Indiegogo share tools.

Thanks a lot! Heel erg bedankt! Muchísimas gracias!

Jorien Timmers

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